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With the coming of the 4th season of Game of Thrones, I’ve decided it’s time to give my opinion on the series.

Based on the book of the same name written by George R.R. Martin, the series has stayed true to the novels and depicts the lands of Westeros really well. The first season’s main plot, follows Eddard Stark (played by the very talented, Sean Bean), a nobleman who controls the North of the continent and his quest to uncover a devious plot within the noble court of the realm. With a Ludacris amount of sub plots, constantly twisting and turning, it would be impossible for me to even attempt to write it down. A little warning for those of you too used to the norm, don’t expect Hollywood endings.

The story is filled with plots to kill the king, uprisings, love interests, a demonic occurrence and many more juicy events. The acting is really good and keeps the audience captivated, itching to watch the next episode. There’s an enormous cast however character development is fairly deep and progressive. The world is rich with blood and sex, so this series is definitely for children or early teens.

By far one of the best TV Series I’ve ever seen which in all honesty stays true to the book and does it justice. If you’re a fan of George R.R. Martin, you will enjoy this. I’d also like to point out that the season ends on both a massive cliff-hanger as well as a dramatic surprise. I CAN’T WAIT FOR the next season!!!

Acting – 4.5/5 (by far the best acting I’ve seen on TV)

Plot – 4/5 (does not differ from the book at all hence why it’s 4 not 5.)

Enjoyability – 5/5

Overall – 4.5/5 – Season one Trailer